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Indian Babul Bark

Our company offers a fresh and natural Babul bark and leaves, we are using only farm fresh pure natural Babul leaves. The Babul leaves and bark that we export and deal, has gained us recognition in the market for their excellent quality and high yielding value.

Babul is a popular Indian herb with a number of medicinal uses. Almost all parts of a babul tree come with medicinal properties; these include the leaves, the bark, the gum of babul tree and also the pods. Babul is mostly useful in Diarrheal and teeth disorders.

Each and every part of babul tree is useful in medicine. Babul bark is an excellent remedy for eczema, some diseases like Diarrheal, teeth disorders, tonsillitis, Conjunctivitis etc. That is the reason that Babul is a popular Indian herb.

Benefits of Babul Bark

  • The leaves of babul tree are effective in the treatment of conjunctivitis.
  • The Bark of babul tree is useful in the treatment of eczema.
  • The various parts of babul tree are useful in diarrhoea of ordinary intensity.
  • The bark of the Babul tree is useful in leucorrhoea.
  • Babul bark is an excellent medicine for tonsillitis, Epiphora.