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Indian Indigo Leaves

Indigo is also known as rattlebush .Indigo Leaves is one of the most important and widely used in medicines. We offer the Indigo Leaves at market leading rates to the valued clients. We are exporter of the farm fresh Indigo Leaves. Indigo Leaves is a great tonic for stomach hair related problems.

Indigo is also known as Broom-clover, Baptisia, indigo-weed. Indigo leaves that are used for its medicinal properties. Indigo mainely used as a natural immuno-modulator and healing of brain. And it is generally used for hair related problems like dandruff, hair colouring agent,ulcers,and throat and nose related problems.

Indigo Leaves generally help to heal ulcers in the mouth, gingivitis and help in the control of pyorrhoea . It is used for anti-septic ,anti-diabetic,anti-bacterial,anti-fungal,blood-purifying,spermicidal,anti-viral.

Benefits of Indigo Leaves

  • Indigo is a powerful treatment for ulcers.
  • Indigo Leaves mostly used for treatment of infections of the ear, nose and throat.
  • Indigo leaves used for several types of infections, including those affecting the mouth and gums, lymph nodes.
  • Indigo Leaves used as a anti-bacterial , anti-viral , anti-septic.
  • Indigo Leaves It is anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agent.