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Indian Maca Leaves

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Indian Maca Leaves

Maca is also known as maino . We offer the Maca Leaves at market leading rates to the valued clients. We are exporter of the farm fresh Maca Leaves. Maca Leaves is one of the most important and widely used in medicines. Maca Leaves is a great tonic for low libido, vaginal dryness..

Maca is also known as ayak willku or maino. Maca leaves contains high concentration of overall key nutrients, proteins and minerals remedy for low libido, vaginal dryness. Maca leaves is energy-enhancing, strength-building food . it is cured counter lethargy, memory loss, and other illnesses that are caused by low energy levels.

Maca leaves is used for anti-septic ,anti-diabetic,anti-bacterial,anti-fungal,blood-purifying,spermicidal,anti-viral. Maca leaves remedy for menopause, sexual enhancement, menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats.

Benefits of Maca Leaves

  • Maca leaves used for several types of infections, including those affecting the mouth and gums, lymph nodes.
  • Maca Leaves contains selenium, magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, polysaccharides.
  • Maca Leaves used as a anti-bacterial , anti-viral , anti-septic.
  • Maca Leaves It is anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agent.
  • Maca is a powerful treatment for ulcers.